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Indian Banquet



(Lentil, Beef, & Tomato soup with blended spices)


Buffet or Family Style

Tandoori Chicken

Seekh Lamb Kebab

Shrimp Masala

Vegetable Korma

Vegetable Samosas (Indian Pasties)

Mutter Paneer (Green peas, spices, Indian Cheese)

Pilau Rice (Indian spiced rice)

Sag Bhaji (Spinach, tomato, onion, & spices)

Bindi Bhaji (Okra, Tomato, Garlic, & Spices)

Aloo Gobi (Dry potato curry)

Chana Gobi (Chick peas, spiced sauce)

Dhal (Lentils, onions, Garlic & spices)

Naan Breads (Indian breads)

Poppadoms (Indian crispy crackers)


A selection of Indian Pastries

Sweetened yoghurt with candied pistachios

Almond cakes with Cardamom drizzle

Vegetarian Thai Menu

Fragrant Tofu Green Curry

Spicy Nut loaf & Tomato Chutney

Chick pea & Mushroom Red Curry

Okra Sambal

Mater Paneer (Indian pea, & cheese dish)

Pineapple & Coconut rice

Stir Fried vegetable with Almond

Asian slaw

Flat breads with Cilantro & Goat cheese

Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, & Rambutan Fruit salad