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Personal Chef Service


 Chef Michael Jay and his team of talented chefs can cater all of your requirements with a simple phone call or email.

Whether you are in need of a chef to put together a food plan for a specific diet, or to cater a small dinner party, you can rest assured Chef Michael will source the finest ingredients, and one of his chefs will prepare them for your enjoyment.

We at The Freelance Chef are very flexible. You can request services in your home, or elect to have your meals cooked in his kitchen, and delivered for you to reheat.  

We can tailor make a meal plan, to suit your budget.

A face to face consultation is highly recommended for you to feel confident about your chef. Chef Michael will give you a  consultation to better understand clearly what you would like from your personal chef. This is completely free of charge.  

As our business grows, new young talent are put through Chef Michael's stringent training methods gathered from nearly 35 years of servicing the most discerning clients. Please see Chef Michael Jay's Background

All of our chefs have gained their culinary degree at colleges like  School craft, The Arts Institute, Dorsey, or Oakland college.

If you desire a long term meal plan for dietary reasons, Chef Michael will accompany one of his chefs until you feel happy, and confident of their ability, and cooking skills.

Chef Services Fees:    All staff services have a minimum of 4 hours.

Assistant chef: $35.00 per hour

Sous Chef:       $40.00 per hour

Chef Michael Jay $50 per hour

Serving Staff $35.00 per hour. 

We can arrange table linen, equipment rental, Floral arrangements, & Party tents.

Please feel free to contact Chef Michael.


Office: 313-427-0626

Chef Cell: 313-515-5060

Email: chef@developmentchef.com